October 12th. 2014

  A quality day after a long gap. In the event, people could have started earlier but I think all went home pleased with the flying done. The first two tows were done by JTA because the Hawera Tecnam was delayed somewhat by loose or missing exhaust springs. Spares were provided by Tim and LJW continued the day;s towing. First off were the Tullett ensemble, each having a check flight with Glyn Jackson. Then a trial flighter who had been waiting a few weeks. Since it was a winch flight voucher, the tow height was 1000 feet but straight into a thermal for an 18m flight. Sam Tullett got away in TE for 37m and John in DN for 1hr 11m. Tim disappeared in the Discus for 3hrs 12m. Another trial flighter showed up and got an hour in rapidly improving conditions. Will was not so lucky for his first flight in TE but the second flight was better for him and he did 55m. Steve Barham and Glyn were away in WZ for an hour. Steve landed, Peter Miller took his place and he and Glyn towed off in the direction of the retreating convergence line. Once there it was traight line flying with only four or five turns in the whole trip. The final glide back to Stratford was rather nice, Glyn consulting his computer and providing plenty of reassurance to the hopeful pilot. Landing roll across the main runway on the 16 vector was a bumpy one, Glyn remembering too late to tell the pilot that the wheel brake had been tightened up so that the wheel would have been locked on as the glider flared out. An excellent day for all. Les Sharp was enjoying his towing duties in LJW. On Saturday, Glyn and Tim had flown down to Feilding. Tim got checked out for his BFR and Glyn for a micro-light tow rating. That Tim got to fly the DG 1000 was a bonus that he regretfully had to choose to take.
                                                                                                                                                            Only about a month before the Eurofox is completed. Included here is the airframe as it is to date, sitting in the jig waiting for more things to happen.
Eurofox fuselage in the jig
From the Discus looking out to the NE. The Jackson/Miller combo may have left for home by this stage.
Peter Miller and Will Hopkirk watching the Discus finish the day.
Flypast October 12th
Papa Mike.

One from 44 years ago.  German Hill with the NW runway in use and the EW runway under construction and before the hangar was built.
German HillA

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