Recent News. February 17th. 2013

Recent News
February 17th 2013

Today turned out to be better than last weekend.  The air was much more buoyant – for most anyway.  First off was Kevin Koch for number one of two check flights with CFI Tim Hardwick-Smith.  Justin Wonderlick must have done things right for he had 57m in WZ.  Won’t be long before he is solo and competing for the PW5.  Clinton Steele got away for 2hours 25m.  He tried to get out east but today wasn’t the day.  Viv Davy & John Tullett in the venerable DN had 23m.  John then hurtled off, went out over Toko, eyed up his height agl of 2000ft and discretion being a lot of valour, thermaled his way home.  The K7 needs to do that sort of thing.  His later flight in Peter Williams’ K6 would probably nailed it in a straight glide (and a straight in approach to land!)  Sam Tullett had a surprisingly short flight.
No lift anywhere said Tim without a hint of embarrassment. Peter Cook took his Libelle IA away for the days longest flight.  He also, had to scurry back from the Toko environs.  Interesting place Toko, its sometimes quite good out there and beyond.  Once again not today.

Steve Barham and Tim took off, Steve promising to be not more than 30m.  Kept to his word by doing 26m.  That Nimbus must be getting close.  Peter Williams took the chance for a flight in his aircraft.  Did 45m which should help get rid of the lurgi that has plagued him these past few days.  The Discus partners though, showed how it was done, thermalling up to 5000ft (the best height for the day) overhead the Nth Egmont Visitor Centre.  Timing was of the essence here.  The thermals that provided their stepping stones dissolved before the herd (Cook & Tullett senior) could get there. The sea breeze fronts behaved much as the RASP had forecasted and the last one was drifting away to the north as we left the for home.  A word of thanks to Viv Davy who has evidently been doing some interior decorating, for we are the beneficiaries of curtains etc that will help combat the sparrow menace.  The little creatures appear to be coming in under the southern doors of the hangar extension.  The countryside is looking a lot drier now, good for thermals if not for grass growth.  A feature to look at is the new gasline snaking its way between the Ahuroa well and the Stratford power station.  The next few days look good so more joy all round we hope.


                       The Twin being readied for flight whilst Peter Williams' K6 awaits its turn.

It would be nice to have some stories to include in this column.  Better than invention on my part.
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